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Skomor SC and Windy City Celtic FC Tryouts

Player Tryouts

Tryouts Format & Evaluation

  • Tryouts last 1 hour, including warm-up time. 
  • Typical tryout format includes 1v1, 2v2, 7v7 games and sometimes 11v11 games.
  • The Each player will be evaluated in 5 skill areas with a score of 1 to 5 issued for each skill area.
    • Dribbling / Ball Control
    • Receiving / First Touch
    • Passing / Serving
    • Shooting / Crossing / Striking
    • Positioning / Spatial Awareness

Team Selection/Offer

  • At the end of the tryout, the average score will be used to help place players on appropriate teams.
  • An e-mail offer will be issued at the conclusion of tryouts. 
  • Once offered a spot, players have 7 days (1 week) to register. Failure to register within the 7 days may result in the offer to be withdrawn.
  • Not all players are offered spots on teams.

Tryout Information:

  • Pre-Registration Required
  • Tryout Fee: $25
  • Late Registration: $35
    • Spring Tryout Dates: After May 1
    • Fall Tryout Dates: After October 1
    • Winter Tryout Dates: After January 1
  • Tryout Shirt - All players will receive a SkoMor SC/ Celtic FC Tryout T-Shirt with number.
  • What to Bring to Tryouts:
    • Print Registration Confirmation
    • Shin guards with soccer socks
    • Playing shoes (turf or cleats)
    • All players should wear soccer clothing:
      • Shorts or training paints
    • Suggested: water and ball
  • Tryout Dates & Time: Go to tab for specific dates/times.


2019-2020 Tryout Information



  • Tryout DAY 1: Monday, May 6 at Niles WEST Stadium
  • Tryout DAY 2: Thursday, May 9 at Old Orchard Junior High


  • Tryout DAY 1: Wednesday, May 29 at Niles WEST Grass Fields
  • Tryout DAY 2: Thursday, June 3 at Niles WEST Stadium

Tryout Shirt

Tryout Shirt - All players will receive a Celtic FC Tryout T-Shirt with number. Once a Tryout T-shirt is issued, please bring to every tryout the player attends. If the shirt is lost a $10 payment is needed to be issued a 2nd shirt, which will have a different number.

Age Group Chart

2019 2020 2021
Birth Year Age Group Age Group Age Group
2016 none none U5
2015 none U5 U6
2014 U5 U6 U7
2013 U6 U7 U8
2012 U7 U8 U9
2011 U8 U9 U10
2010 U9 U10 U11
2009 U10 U11 U12
2008 U11 U12 U13
2007 U12 U13 U14
2006 U13 U14 U15
2005 U14 U15 U16
2004 U15 U16 U17
2003 U16 U17 U18
2002 U17 U18 U19
2001 U18 U19 U23
2000 U19 U23 U23
1999 U23 U23 U23
1998 U23 U23 U23
1997 U23 U23 Adult
1996 U23 Adult Adult