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Team and Program Registration

Player Registration

The SkoMor Soccer ClubWindy City Celtic Football Club is a nonprofit organization funded primarily by player’s annual fees. These fees provide for league fees, coaches/trainers salaries, one to three tournaments (depending on age level), field rentals, indoor training facilities and general operating expenses.

The Club Annual Player Membership fees for the 2019-2020 season are listed below.

  • Player fees are non-refundable.
  • Payment Plans are available for all teams, paid monthly.
  • A Discount is offered if fees are paid in full at time of registration (prior to start of season).
  • Limited financial assistance is available with the completed Financial Assistance form, and is based on need.
  • At registration each new player is required to purchase an official SkoMor SC/ Windy City Celtic FC uniform package consisting of both home and away jerseys, shorts, and socks. Additional items, like the Backpack are available for an additional cost.
  • All players must purchase the Team Training Kit (2 shirts, 1 sweatshirt).

Premier and Select Teams

Premier and Select Teams are travel soccer teams that train 2-3 days per week in the fall and spring and 1 per week in the winter. These teams also attend 1 tournament in the fall or spring, and may attend additional tournaments as determined by coaches. All Girls teams play in the Illinois Women's Soccer League (IWSL), while all Boys teams play in the Young Sportsman Soccer League (YSSL). Both leagues are  one of the largest boys leagues in the country for there gender. Most teams in the club are either a Premier or Select Team.

Some players are invited to play on the Chicago Mustangs  Alliance on the Elite level teams, which play in the NISL National League.

Academy Team Fees

Academy Teams are the highest level of teams offered. These teams train more often than the Premier and Select Teams. Younger age group players selected for the Academy Team, play their own age group and on the Academy Team.

Academy Tams play in the Midwest Conference of the National League (formally MRL), the State Premiership and/or the NISL National League. Academy Teas are not offered at each age group.

All Tournament Fees are included in the fees, including State/Presidents Cup, College Showecases and other tournaments. 

Age Group Chart

2019-2020 2020-2021
Birth Year Age Group Age Group
2016 none U5
2015 U5 U6
2014 U6 U7
2013 U7 U8
2012 U8 U9
2011 U9 U10
2010 U10 U11
2009 U11 U12
2008 U12 U13
2007 U13 U14
2006 U14 U15
2005 U15 U16
2004 U16 U17
2003 U17 U18
2002 U18 U19
2001 U19 U23
2000 U23 U23
1999 U23 U23
1998 U23 U23
1997 U23 Adult
1996 Adult Adult

Tryout Information & Registration

All Players need to tryout once each year. Players trying out during the season need to complete the form as well. 

-Unfortunately, our structured tryouts have past, however, please reach out to Justin Sanabria at to set up an individual tryout session.  This will allow us to assess your son or daughter's level of play.

Future Stars Registration

Future Stars - a developmental program for children ages 5 to 8 years old. The program runs during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Registration is located below.

The Registration "Team and Program Registration" is not currently available.

Training Only Program

The program is offered to players who are not quite ready to play on the team, however want to train and develop skills with the goal of playing on the the regular team. 


We offer a summer league at the U23 level which is for all players in the U16 to U23 age group.  This team will plays in the US Soccer sanctioned YSSL U23 summer league and the  U23 State Cup, train 2-3 times per week, including beach soccer, and play the Beach Soccer State Cup.  

Registration for the U23 team has no conflict with the youth club a play may play for. All players are registered under the Illinois State Soccer Association (ISSA).

The Registration deadline is June 1st, however we will be able to accept players after this date with a late fee paid.  

Fee: $400 paid in full; $525 paid in installments. 

Team Registration Fees & Discounts

The player fees are Annual Fees to participate on soccer teams. We run on a 12 month cycle offering training and games through out the year. 

The player fees listed below include the $100 player deposit required at time of registration. 

PAY IN FULL Discount

A discount applies to the Team Registration where all the fees are paid upon conclusion of the registration session. This applies to all teams and is standard $200 discount.

Receive a $200 Discount

Make sure you select Pay In Full payment option. The registration system will take $200 off the fee. After December 1 of each year, the discount drops to $100 as all the fees are pro-rated to a lower amount. 

Skomor SC & Windy City Celtic FC 2019-2020 Team Fees

Age Groups Birth Year Pay In-Full 12 Month Payment Plan League Season Practice Tournaments
U-8 Boys & Girls 2012-2015 $625 $825/ $60.41 month YSSL/IWSL Fall, Spring 1-3 Weekly 1
U-9 to U-14 Girls 2005-2011 $800 $1000/ $75 month IWSL Fall, Spring 2-3 Weekly 1
U-9 to U-15 (8th Grade) Boys 2005-2011 $1250 $1450/ $112.50 month YSSL Fall, Spring 2-3 Weekly 1
U-15 (9th Grade) to U19 Boys 2000-2005 $950 $1150/ $87.50 month YSSL Spring 2-3 Weekly 1
U-15 to U-19 Girls 2000-2005 $450 $650/ $61.11 month IWSL Fall, Winter Indoor 2-3 Weekly 1

2019-2020 Academy Team Fees

Academy Teams Birth Year Additional Fee League Season Practice Tournaments
U-13 to U-19 Girls 2000-2007 $350 MCL/State Premiership 3-4 Days Per Week 4-5
U-13 to U-19 Boys 2000-2007 $350 MCL/State Premiership 3-4 Days Per Week 4-5

Family/Sibling Discounts:

Family/Sibling Discounts:

  • 1 Child: no discount
  • 2 Children: 15% off each child
  • 3 Children: 20% off each child
  • 4 Children: 25% off each child

Late Registrations

Late Registrations: Pro-rated fees apply depending on the registration date.

A late Registration fee of $100 applies for all registration after June 15th.

Spring Registrations, Late Registration Date is December 1st. 

Payment Plans, Pro-Rated Fees,

Payment Plans:  Fees are divided into 12 installments (starting June 1st) with the first installment to be collected online upon conclusion of the registration session, then the first of every month. Registration after June 1st of each year will have a reduction on installments.  

Pro-Rated Fees: All fees are pro-rated on the 1st of every month, starting in the fall. The amount is are standard incremental lower of team fees. 

Out-of-District fee

Out-of-District fee: Residents of Lincolnwood, Niles, Morton Grove & Skokie, or within or attending the School District 219 boundaries are considered ‘In-District.’ All other locations are considered ‘Out-of-District’ and a $75 fee applies. 

Refund Policy

Team Refund Policy: 

  • No Refunds for quitting/dropping from the team.
  • Only refund will be if a team is not fielded.

Additional refund requests must be submitted to the SkoMor SC Board. They will be reviewed monthly.